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    (SEE ALSO: LINDEMAN) The 'Cycloid Grand' piano was manufactured by the illustrious Lindeman & Sons Piano Company in New York. Established in 1836, Lindeman & Sons was one of the first piano factories in the United States. Their Cycloid Grand was mainly produced during the post Civil War era, and was actually based on a square grand piano with a rounded back sitting on three legs. It seems that there was a great deal of promotion and advertisement for the Lindeman Cycloid Grand Piano during the mid to late 19th Century, as well as a great many professional endorsements by high-profile pianists, musicians, and singers of the era. These Cycloid pianos are exceedingly rare today. We have a Cycloid Grand listed for sale in our online showroom. To see this instrument, please go to this link: http://www.antiquepianoshop.com/product/153/lindeman-cycolid-square-grand-piano/