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    Cluett & Sons

    The Firm of Cluett & Sons was established by William Cluett and son J.W.A. Cluett in Troy, New York in 1852. Their factory was located at 265 River Street. Cluett & Sons started out as a large retailer of pianos and related musical instruments, and they sold as many as up to 2,000 pianos annually throughout the 19th Century! The company was also one of the first Steinway dealers and continued to sell Steinway pianos until 1965. At the height of the company's existence, there were 16 locations throughout upstate New York, Vermont, and Western Massachusetts. Cluett & Sons also manufactured pianos under the Cluett & Sons brand name. Some pianos bearing the Cluett & Sons brand name were actually manufactured by the Lindeman Piano Company. Cluett & Sons pianos were sold as affordable alternatives to the costlier brand names sold by the firm while offering comparable quality. During the Great Depression era, J.W.A. Cluett discontinued the firm and went into the textile industry.


    In addition to Steinway and Cluett pianos, they sold Everett and Cable Nelson pianos and Magnavox radios and TV's.  


    J.W.A. Cluett left the business early on to found Cluett and Peabody, manufacturer of the Arrow Shirt.  He was one of several sons of the founder and his brothers continued to run the business.