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Chappel & Company

Chappell & Company was established in London in 1811 by Samuel Chappell, Johann Chappell, and Francis Latout. The three gentlemen were already partners in a music publishing business, and they started out retailing pianos in their music store. In the 1840 the company started building their own pianos. During the late 19th Century, Chappell imported and sold organs by the American manufacturer Clough & Warren. In 1901, the piano manufacturing and music publishing departments of the business became separate, and production of pianos was increased. During the 1920's, Chappell purchased a handful of illustrious English piano manufacturing firms including Allison & Co., Collard & Collard, and John Strohmenger & Sons. The Kemble Piano Company of London produced Chappell pianos until the year 2000.


Chappell Piano Advertisements Late 19th Century Piano Advertisements For Chappell & Company, Circa 1890
Chappell Organ Advertisements Late 19th Century Organ Advertisements For Chappell & Company, Circa 1890