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    Cable Piano Company

    SEE ALSO: CHICAGO COTTAGE ORGAN COMPANY, KINGSBURY, WELLINGTON, SCHILLER, CONOVER, EUPHONA The Cable Piano Company was one of the largest piano manufacturers in Chicago. The company was established in 1880 by H.D. Cable, who had originally been with the Western Cottage Organ Company (later changed to Chicago Cottage Organ Company). In 1890, Cable consolidated with the Conover Brothers, as well as his two brothers Fayette S. Cable and Hobart M. Cable (although Fayette S. Cable and Hobart M. Cable continued to build pianos under their own names). Shortly thereafter, the firm acquired the Schiller Piano Company, using Schiller instruments as their 'top of the line' models. The Cable Piano Company was widely celebrated as a maker of fine instruments, and they were a major contributor to the American piano industry at large. Cable built a number of brand names including Kingsbury, Wellington, Schiller, Conover, and Euphona player pianos, Palmetto, and others. Today, Cable made pianos are among some of the finest antique pianos we see come through our shop and they are well worth restoration.