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    Boudoir (Columbus Co.)

    The Boudoir brand name was produced by The Columbus (later Lindenburg) Piano Company of Columbus, Ohio from about 1904-1928. The Columbus Piano Company was established in 1904, and the name of the firm was changed to the 'Lindenburg Piano Company' in 1915. These Boudoir pianos were smaller size upright pianos that were built decades before the modern console and spinet pianos were produced. They were marketed for people living in small apartments and cottages of the early 20th Century where floor space was at a premium. Boudoir pianos are not very common, indicating that they were not sold in large numbers. The few Boudoir pianos we have seen have been of various different sizes and styles, from tiny 4 octave uprights barely 40 inches high to full 88 note uprights that are almost conventional in size. These unusual pianos are definitely unique and potentially valuable, and they deserve to be restored and preserved.