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    Billings & Sons (Milwaukee)

    F. C. Billings entered into the piano industry around the turn of the 20th Century with his clever invention called the 'Billings Flange' – a brass flange which would prove to be a stiff competitor for the standard wooden hammer flange in piano actions. The Billings Flange was highly successful and used by piano makers all over the country. Around 1910, Billings established the 'Billings & Sons Piano Company' at 504 Grand Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The firm specialized in building a complete line of high-quality player pianos. These player pianos were intended to incorporate the many unique patented ideas that belonged to Billings, including his 'Billings Flange', as well as brass tubing and other metal components. By 1915, Billings & Sons appears to be prospering. Instruments by Billings & Sons today, however, are exceedingly rare which indicates that they were never built in substantial volume. There is no mention of Billings & Sons after the Great Depression era.