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    Bell (Canada)

    The Bell Piano & Organ Company (not to be confused with Bell Brothers) was established in Guelph, Ontario, Canada by Robert and William Bell in 1864. By about 1895, the firm was operating under the name of W. Bell & Company. The firm also produced pianos and organs under the brand names of 'Diploma' and 'Guelph'. Bell built a full line of pianos and reed organs until the turn-of-the-century era. By the first part of the 20th Century, the firm had all but discontinued organ manufacturing and added player pianos to their product line. Bell was known for building very good quality pianos and organs, and they enjoyed a very good reputation in the industry. In about 1928, the firm was sold to John S. Dowling of Brantford, Ontario. In 1934, the assets of the company were sold to the Lassage Piano Company of Quebec, and they continued to build instruments under the Bell name until about World War 2.