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Baus Piano Company

The Baus Piano Company was established in New York City in 1895, with factories located at Southern Blvd. and Trinity Ave. The Baus Piano Company built a full line of upright pianos, player pianos, and grand pianos, and they were fairly successful during the ‘teens and ‘twenties era. Baus specialized in building a variety of player pianos during the early 20th Century, many of which were made of lavish burl woods and ornate cabinets. The Baus Piano Company was bought out by the large Jacob Doll Piano Company sometime around 1910, and Doll continued to produce Baus pianos until about 1929 when the company was closed due to the Great Depression.


Baus Advertisement Late 19th Century Advertisement For Baus Piano Company, Circa 1890


$16,500 After Total Restoration
1922 | Sold