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    Bauer, Julius

    The Julius Bauer Piano Company was established in 1857 in Chicago. Bauer began as a retailer of fine pianos and musical instruments, but soon began building his own pianos sold under the 'Julius Bauer' brand name. Bauer pianos were an instant success, and were celebrated as being exceptionally well made instruments. Due to the huge success of Bauer pianos, the firm was able to afford lavish warerooms in both Chicago and New York throughout most of the late 19th and early 20th Century, including a fine retail store located inside the Crosby Opera House (prior to 1871). Due to financial difficulties associated with the Great Depression, Julius Bauer was bought out by the famous Rudolph Wurlitzer Piano Company in 1930. Wurlitzer continued to build the Julius Bauer name up until shortly before World War 2. We have restored several J. Bauer pianos over the years and find them to be excellent pianos overall.