(SEE ALSO: VALLEY GEM, OHIO VALLEY PIANO COMPANY) The Baldwin Piano Company (also known as D.H. Baldwin) has always been one of the most widely recognized names in the American piano industry. The company was established by Dwight Hamilton Baldwin in Cincinnati in 1862. Baldwin enjoyed great success during the 20h Century, but later declined until being sold in the 1990's and relocated to Arkansas and Missouri. Today, Baldwin is owned by the famous Gibson Guitar Company, with production once again resuming in the South.


Baldwin Catalog 2 Illustrated Sales Catalog Featuring Baldwin upright, grand, and player pianos from the 1920's era.
Baldwin Catalog 3 Early 20th Century Baldwin catalog showing the "Features of Pianoforte Construction"
Baldwin Advertisements Period Advertisements For the Baldwin Piano & Organ Company
Baldwin Catalog 1 Illustrated Sales Catalog Featuring Baldwin, Howard, Hamilton, Valley Gem and Ellington Instruments, Circa 1909