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    Arion Piano Forte Manufacturing Co.

    Arion pianos were originally produced by George Charles Manner under his firm of Manner & Company, established 1866 in New York. 'Arion' was a term used for an innovation patent by Manner. In about 1869, the name of the firm was changed to the Arion Piano-Forte Company. In about 1870, Arion was purchased by John B. Simpson of Simpson & Company. The Arion Piano-Forte Company built pianos under both the Arion name and the brand name 'Model', as well as pianos under the name of J.B. Simpson. During the middle and late 19th Century, Arion built a full line of square grand pianos that were very elaborate and well made. They often boasted lavish inlay of precious metals and fine mother-of-pearl. In 1885, Arion was sold to the famous Estey Piano & Organ Company. Estey continued to build upright pianos and player pianos under the Arion name until about 1920 when the name was sold to J.P. Hale. The Arion name was discontinued before the Great Depression.