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Ann Arbor Piano & Organ Company

The Ann Arbor Organ Company was a large, prominent organ manufacturer in the 1880's and 1890's. The firm built pianos and organs under the Ann Arbor brand name as well as the 'Henderson' and 'Clifford' brand names. In 1896, James C. Henderson purchased the Ann Arbor Organ Company and they continued to build pianos under the Henderson name. Henderson established a factory in Texas, and then moved the firm to Chicago in 1914. J.C. Henderson retired in 1919, and the firm was then taken over by his sons Jack and Jerry Henderson. They continued the Henderson Piano name until the Great Depression era.


Henderson Piano Advertisement Early 20th Century Advertisement For The Henderson Piano, Manufactured By The Ann Arbor Piano & Organ Company, Circa 1910
Ann Arbor Piano Brochure Early 20th Century Brochure From The Ann Arbor Piano Company, Circa 1917
Ann Arbor Organ Sales Catalog Early 20th Century Ann Arbor Organ Company Sales Catalog, Circa about 1900