The Acoustigrande was a popular piano brand of the early 20th Century era, produced by Chickering Brothers (not to be confused with Chickering & Sons) of Chicago. Chickering Brothers was established in Chicago in 1892 by Clifford Chickering, a distant relative of the famous Chickering & Sons of Boston. Chickering Brothers built exceptional instruments, including the Acoustigrande and the Capacoustic Grand pianos. These instruments were scientifically designed to get the maximum tone and volume for size, often being quite small in outward dimensions. It appears that Chickering Brothers were out of the business before the Great Depression era.


Acoustigrande Newspaper Article Newspaper Article About The Acoustigrande Piano, Circa 1925
C. C. Chickering Newspaper Article Newspaper Article About C. C. Chickering of Chickering Brothers, Makers of the Acoustigrande


$15,000 After Total Restoration
1915 | Sold