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Antique Piano Shop releases stunning Knabe & Gaehle Gothic Style Square Grand Piano

The Antique Piano Shop, a restorer and retailer of antique pianos, is pleased to announce the recent release of their latest restoration project, a Knabe & Gaehle Antique Custom Made Gothic Inspired Square Grand Piano that is available for purchase on a global basis. The firm of Knabe & Gaehle was one of the most continue reading

Preserving Musical Memories from “Auld Lang Syne”

As another year ends and the New Year dawns, it’s tradition to sing the old Scottish song “Auld Lang Syne.” Though it’s difficult to pronounce in the vernacular (even the English translation gives some of us trouble), its meaning is simple: as time goes by, we remember old friends. To us at Antique Piano Shop, continue reading

The Keys to Success

Located in the friendly town of Friendsville, Tennessee, Antique Piano Shop is one of the only companies in the world that restores antique musical instruments to historically accurate glory and customizes pianos and organs to suit any interior design need specified by designers and homeowners. For those who may be new to our blog, our continue reading

Piano and Pinot: The Perfect Pair

When attending a wine tasting, connoisseurs like to engage all senses in the experience, not just taste. Mike and Sandy Davis, owners of Napa’s Davis Estates winery, enlisted the help of Antique Piano Shop to give their guests a sensational sense of melodious hearing that adds to the taste and aroma of their award-winning wines. continue reading

Antique Piano Shop featured in the Boston Globe

Even though he didn’t travel from Antique Piano Shop’s Friendsville, Tennessee, location, Michael made it to Boston and beyond. Recently featured in an amazing Boston Globe story that was circulated to hundreds of thousands of readers, Michael shared a glimpse of the piano restoration business and a compelling story about a famous Boston piano making continue reading

Michael Stinnett and the Antique Piano Shop Featured on NBC TV’s Your Stories

Here’s your chance to see Michael shirtless, in pajamas, a three-piece suit, and an outfit reminiscent of pioneers on the western plains. Wardrobe changes for a costumed play? No, rather, they’re from candid photos Michael’s mom picked out, showcasing slices of his life through the years—always with a connection to pianos. We’re excited to share continue reading

Antique Piano Shop: Where Pianos Go to Survive

Warehouses full of used, unwanted pianos waiting to be taken to their final resting place at the dump; Pages of ebay listings and Craigslist ads of cheap unwanted uprights that can’t find a bidder or even someone to take a worn-out piano for free: These may as well be scenes from a horror film, if continue reading

Interview With Michael Stinnett on ABC TV

Reporter Gene Patterson with Knoxville, Tennessee, ABC-affiliate WATE interviewed Michael Stinnett about the Antique Piano Shop, his love affair with pianos and why he feels what he’s doing is important. Michael shared, “There is a demand for this. Very few are doing it. Most of the technicians I’ve known have passed away. And, there are continue reading

For What It’s Worth – The Story Behind a Beloved Story and Clark Piano

In the sunny corner of a large Victorian home in Tyronza, AR, stood a mahogany Story and Clark grand piano purchased as a wedding gift for the homeowner’s bride. Bellwood Farrell, M.D., had traveled to New York City to search for the finest instrument he could locate for Beulah Mae, his beloved fiancée. During the continue reading

A “Win-Win” Restoration: Junior League of Charleston’s Broadwood

One of the less obvious advantages of a piano’s expense is that their value can increase with restoration and be sold for a profit – with the right buyer, of course. This is just what Junior League of Charleston, S.C. intends to do when the restoration of their 1865 Broadwood Cottage Grand Piano is complete. continue reading