Here’s your chance to see Michael shirtless, in pajamas, a three-piece suit, and an outfit reminiscent of pioneers on the western plains. Wardrobe changes for a costumed play? No, rather, they’re from candid photos Michael’s mom picked out, showcasing slices of his life through the years—always with a connection to pianos.

We’re excited to share that the Antique Piano Shop and Michael Stinnett were featured on local TV recently in “Your Stories,” a weekly series that highlights unique individuals who call East Tennessee home and help shape the community in creative ways. Reporter Abby Ham with Knoxville, Tennessee, NBC-affiliate WBIR visited the shop to interview Michael and his mom. Watch closely and you’ll see a glimpse of what Michael looked like as a toddler through his youth.

Find out more about the amazing story behind the start of his lifelong connection with pianos. Click here or on the image below to go to the link and watch the video.

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Artistic credit to WBIR for video screenshot.