Antique Piano Shop is honored to be highlighted by The Craftsman Bungalow for having the world’s largest collection of Mission/Arts & Crafts pianos available for purchase. 

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Prairie Style Influenced Smith & Barnes Arts & Crafts Upright Piano

The Antique Piano Shop Featured Piano is this Prairie Style Influenced Smith & Barnes Arts & Crafts Upright Piano, dating to 1910 and made of Quarter Sawn Oak Wood.

The Arts & Crafts Movement in America was most popular in the 1900 – 1915 period and had all but disappeared before 1920. Although the Arts & Crafts Movement was a relatively short-lived design era, hundreds of thousands of homes were built and furnished in the popular Craftsman/Mission style. Today, there is a growing renaissance in the Arts & Crafts Movement, with pianos from this time period becoming increasingly requested by interior designers. Original Craftsman style homes are being renovated, new Craftsman style homes are being built and most major furniture lines are manufacturing and selling furnishings in the Craftsman style to reflect the Mission/Arts & Crafts period.

Because the Arts & Crafts movement was such an extreme change from traditional period styles, piano manufacturers were very slow to adapt. Very few manufacturers went to the time and expense of adding Craftsman style pianos to their line and by the time these few makers added Craftsman design pianos to their product line, the Arts & Crafts movement seemed to fade away nearly as quickly as it came. As a result, original Craftsman style pianos are exceedingly rare today.

The Antique Piano Shop, a restorer and retailer of antique pianos, offers the largest collection in the world of these increasingly rare Mission/Arts & Crafts style antique pianos. The Antique Piano Shop has restored pianos from Gerhard Heintzman, Broadwood & Sons, the George P. Bent Piano & Organ Company and Vose & Sons in their collection, while adding a number of Mission/Arts & Crafts style antique pianos to their inventory on a continuing basis.

For interior designers, The Antique Piano Shop offers an amazing variety of Mission/Arts & Crafts pianos that can be tailored to meet the demands of interior design clients and customers. As the leaders of the antique piano restoration industry, The Antique Piano Shop is able to offer interior design firms a wide range of specific ideas and plans on the integration of these antique pianos into interior design requirements for clients and customers.

For more information on The Antique Piano Shop, their available pianos in the Mission/Arts & Crafts design style, as well as the wide range of other antique pianos that are available, visit The Antique Piano Shop online at