The Antique Piano Shop is pleased to announce our featured piano, this exquisite Vose & Sons Mahogany Library Model Mission Upright Piano, a lovely Craftsman style piano made of Honduras Mahogany. While most Arts & Crafts style pianos are made of Quarter Sawn Oak, mahogany pianos like this Vose & Sons Mahogany Library Model Mission Upright Piano are virtually non-existent in this style.

The Arts & Crafts Movement in America was most popular from about the 1900 – 1915 period, and had all but disappeared before 1920. Although the Arts & Crafts Movement was a relatively short-lived design era, hundreds of thousands of homes were built and furnished in the popular Craftsman/Mission style. Today, there is a huge Renaissance in the Arts & Crafts Movement. Original Craftsman style homes are being renovated, new Craftsman style homes are being built, and most major furniture lines are manufacturing and selling furnishings in the Craftsman style to reflect the Mission/Arts & Crafts period.

Because the Arts & Crafts movement was such an extreme change from traditional period styles, piano manufactures were very slow to adapt. Very few manufacturers went to the time and expense of adding Craftsman style pianos to their line. By the time these few makers added Craftsman design pianos to their product line, the Arts & Crafts movement seemed to fade away almost as quickly as it came. As a result, Craftsman style pianos are exceedingly rare today.

This beautiful piano was built during the height of the Arts & Crafts era, and is one of only a handful of Craftsman style pianos offered by the Vose Piano Company. Sold in 1911 as the “Style O Library Model”, this piano features beautiful original leaded glass panels on either side of the keyboard and Mission style electric lanterns with acorn pulls on either side of the sheet music holder.

What sets this piano apart from most Craftsman style pianos is the fact that it is made of Honduras Mahogany Wood, not quarter sawn oak! Mahogany pianos in the Arts & Crafts design are much rarer than pianos made of oak and this piano is made in a simplistic yet stunning Mission design that accentuates its lovely wood grain.

If desired, this piano can be equipped with the QRS Pianomation player system, and can play by itself by streaming music live on an iPod, computer, iPad and other electronic music systems.

An authentic matching piano bench is included. For more information or to purchase this piano, please contact The Antique Piano Shop today.


YEAR: 1911

FINISH: Honduras Mahogany Wood

Vose & Sons Mahogany Library Model Mission Upright Antique Piano

The Antique Piano Shop is proud to feature this Vose & Sons Mahogany Library Model Mission Upright Piano.

A special note from Michael Stinnett, the Founder of the Antique Piano Shop:

As founder of The Antique Piano Shop, I have personally collected Mission / Arts & Crafts style pianos for over 25 years. I have a great passion for anything Mission / Arts & Crafts, including Craftsman homes, furniture, and accessories. If you are a true Arts & Crafts enthusiast, you will appreciate how impossible it is to find true Arts & Crafts / Mission style pianos in today’s market. Nearly three decades of collecting and preserving these “impossible to find” instruments has allowed me the opportunity to present the largest collection of true Mission / Arts & Crafts style instruments anywhere in the world.

We are proud to offer the serious enthusiast the option of adding an authentic period instrument for their Craftsman home.