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Lewis Burton


Lewis Burton joined the team at Antique Piano Shop with plenty of experience under his belt restoring anitque furniture. Lewis' speciality is as a finishing carpenter and he's worked on projects from framing to building curved staircases. But his passion is working with reclaimed wood, so Antique Piano Shop is a perfect fit for him. But Lewis' story goes a little bit deeper because he has a unique connection to restoring antiques. Lewis is a receipient of a kidney transplant, so he knows what it's like to be put back together again and given new life, just like what he's now doing with antique pianos. 

Although he has a background in carpentry, Lewis also has a Master's Degree in Teaching. He also has a musicial history, and you could say music is in his blood. Lewis plays guitar, and his mother was a singer who once sang in Carnegie Hall. 

Lewis loves working at Antique Piano Shop because he gets to hear music being made every day and has the chance to bring history back to life. When he is not at work, Lewis stays busy at home with his family and working on the house.